News & Society :: Tracking the Five Hottest Topics in Google Trends’Day 2

The Five Hottest Topics in Google Trends as of July 8, 2010, 4:00 P.M. are stress tests, witness swap, earthquake, oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Alisa Maier. Of course the public is very fickle so the popularity of any topic cannot be assured for more than five minutes. In any event I try to identify and write a comment about those that have far reaching impacts on our lives, manifest some kind of social phenomena or have expansive entertainment value. In today’s selection we have information about heart attack prevention, intrigues about Russian spies in the U.S. and American spies in Russia, shattering earthquake news, more about the worst oil spill in history, and parental precautions against child snatching.

First, it is comforting to discover that public interest is perking up again about preventing heart attacks, the number one killer in the United States. However, the term “stress test” also applies to economic issues, particularly testing for solvency among banks to reassure a nervous public that the banking system is collected intact. I’m not definite which of the two applications is generating all of the instant interest on Google, but both have a profound impact on the quality of our lives. More over the two issues are connected as people understandably have an mammoth emotional attachment to their money. It seems that the European Union is now befriend peddling to bolster investor confidence in their banking systems. However, on a personal level it seems the more essential application is the poor stress test to shroud for heart disease. This is especially well-known if you are a 40 to 60-year-old couch potato who wants to execute transformation to hard-body work-out fanatic. Be determined to accomplish easy stages.

Second, the peep swap news is the epitome of silliness. There appears to be a complex web of scientists and business people jailed on both sides who are now the pawns in a explore exchange. We haven’t seen this mighty wretchedness life peer adventure entertainment since the icy war ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Apparently, the photogenic socialite, Anna Chapman and 9 other Russian sleeper spies, who have spent the last ten years bumbling and fumbling around recent York City with lap tops while under FBI electronic surveillance, objective pleaded guilty in Federal Court to minor charges as portion of the swap deal. Now they’re on their blueprint to JFK for a non-stop flight to Moscow. I wonder if they’re being charged extra to check their luggage. In any event, this finish has all the makings of a ample comedy and I am sure that all of these Russian buffoons are rushing to create their book deals.

Third, earthquakes are always keen except to California residents. I was in an earthquake once in 1984 in Yonkers, original York. It was a 4.8 magnitude. There was no harm, but it was an unforgettable experience because it never happens in that section of the world. I was in my sixth floor apartment and it felt like the floor had fallen out for about 30 seconds. People were running out into the streets at 3:00 A.M. In California they don’t even wake up at 4.8. I guess it’s a matter of being desensitized. If you behold at the news now you will spy that there are earthquakes going on all over the world. However, we don’t know if this represents an increase in activity or fair the advances in communication technology that allows us to track all of the major tremors in remote parts of the world. In any event earthquakes are a scary understanding because of the potential for devastation and we never know where the fault lies.

Fourth, we are revisiting the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because there is mild no kill in recognize. There is one ray of hope with a spacious oil skimming ship called “A Whale” which reportedly has the ability to scoop up 21 million gallons of spilled coarse per day from the ocean. There is also Kevin Costner’s V20 centrifuge designed to separate the gross from the sea water at 200,000 gallons per day. Currently there are 500 different skimming devices scouring the Gulf and they have collectively cleaned up 25,000,000 gallons to date which leaves another 62,000,000 gallons more to go with the gusher serene spewing off hundreds of thousands of gallons per day. Therefore, until BP caps its well, they might as well be using spoons.

Finally, With all the information about child snatching that has hit the airwaves and the internet for the last four decades, a convicted pervert kidnapped small 4-year-old Alisa Maier from her front yard. Thank G-d this child was returned to her parents aloof alive with no inappropriate injuries. Authorities found her at a gas spot 70 miles away. The police found out who the pervert was and as they zeroed in on him he shot himself in the head and died. No mountainous loss there, but this finish is impartial one of tens of thousands of abducted children most of whom are mild missing. The massive number of child predators in our big society is beyond thought, but it is not difficult to gawk that our criminal justice system is great too lenient with these cross offenders. In order for the punishment to fit the crime, there has to be a measure for measure retribution. There is no cure for child predators because it is not a disease. These are monsters that are freaks of nature. You can try to rush a snake to be nice, but it will always be a snake that will peculiar what it wants with its venom and contribute nothing. Since the victim faces a life sentence, justice would be served by mandating a life-sentence for child abduction.

In conclusion, the Google Trends’ hottest topics continues to be a wealth of information to eye what is on the collective minds of the hundreds of millions of the denizens of cyberspace. This is the planet Earth with no borders. Maybe there are a few ET’s surfing the web by now; you never know.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do to attend Clients?

Everyone has the suitable to an attorney and to have an attorney. The criminal justice system can be complicated and our founding fathers foresaw the need for any person charged with a crime to be represented by someone knowledgeable about the law. Most people have never had to deal with the true system before and the process can be scary and confusing. There are many questions people have when finding themselves in need of an attorney. Do I need to hire a lawyer, what does a criminal defense lawyer do, and how can a lawyer encourage me? These are distinguished questions and finding the answers is an essential portion of dealing with any pending criminal charges.

If you cannot hire a lawyer then one will appointed to you by the station. This is usually a public defender. Most public defenders are either fresh at their jobs or overburdened with a case load that makes it impossible for them to give their paunchy attention to ever case.

A suitable attorney will have attended an accredited law school, graduated, and then passed their state’s bar exam. They will have years of experience in the field and spent many hours in the court room. Many private attorneys were once prosecutors or public defenders and know how the other side of the system operates.

Most criminal defense attorneys heart-broken at least fraction of their time inside the courtroom. Often they can appear on behalf of their clients and thus saving them from the stress of a court appearance. Because they unfortunate a lot of time inside courtrooms and in in front of judges, criminal defense attorneys become comfortable working in this environment and well versed in how the system works.

Communicating with clients on the phone, via email, or face to face is another grand fragment of an attorney’s job. The time they unfortunate on the phone can be as productive as a court appearance. They can negotiate on behalf of their clients and communicate with the location attorney’s office with honest a phone call.

Attorneys also melancholy a tremendous deal of time meeting with potential clients. Most firms offer a free consultation and the attorneys outlandish these seriously because often these are the cases that they will be working on next. It is also a stout deal for the consumer because they receive moral advice at no charge and are able to derive a lawyer who best suits their needs.

Attorneys are also required to support their knowledge of the law and court precedent up to date. This ensures that the lawyers are well versed in the most new cases. Asking a lawyer if they belong to any professional organizations like the American Bar Association or odd any continuing education classes is a broad conception.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do? They fight for their clients. They dejected their day in the courtroom and on the phone fighting for their clients and doing everything they can to have charges reduced or dismissed. Having a generous attorney can effect the contrast between winning and losing a case.

Prison Rape Reform Makes For epic Cell-Fellows

assign 1,000 prisoners in a single prison, and the variations on sexual activity will trudge the imagination. With Maine’s zero tolerance for sex, it becomes a bargaining chip for privilege.

Assuming the policy has less to do with prisoner behavior and more with staff reaction to prisoner behavior, another design of saying it is that there is a policy of zero tolerance for sex in a raging hormone factory.

Three sexual proclivities predominate. The first is that it can be expected that as many as 100 prisoners and 25 guards would be homosexual or bisexual, whereupon violation of the no-sex policy is consensual and routine for some, albeit clandestine.

The second sexual proclivity is traffic in sex. If you are a female staff member, it sadly is assumed by fellow staff members that you are either having sex with another staff member or with a prisoner, whether just or not. You do not have to work at the prison for long before you learn of the creative ways people gather what they want in the sex department.

The third proclivity is prison rape, an act of violence for complex reasons that have diminutive to do with sexual urges and everything to do with domination and control.

Rape in Prison:

To address natural sexual proclivities and ease the transition wait on into society, 12 nations and 6 states in the U.S. permit conjugal visits within various limits. There is no evidence, however, of the restraining enact of such policies on prison rape.

To the contrary, an article in the Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems strongly suggests that the highly competitive American culture is a key factor in our inordinately high incidences of prison rapes, estimated by the Department of Justice to be around 88,500 a year. Unreported rapes may be 5-10 times higher and tend to increase with longer sentencing.

An April 1, 2011 article in Christianity Today offered a modern see at an primitive quandary – what to do about rape in prison. Prison rape has apparently brought together parties that traditionally are at war – National Association of Evangelicals, Prison Fellowship, American Civil Liberties Union, Church of Scientology and George Soros’s originate Society.

In addition, Grover Norquist is getting mighty press attention with the conservative shiny on Crime project.

The Article begins with a weak Christian perspective on the problem: “Prison reform is a critical component of the Christian flee to protect the defenseless…Critics say unique attempts at reform by the Justice Department do not go far enough to address the predicament of sexual abuse in the U.S. correctional system.”

current Prison Rape Standards:

Agreed by the various parties is that the Prison Rape Elimination Act that institutes reforms on April 4, 2011, has no enforcement mechanism and is light on criminal penalties. At fault is the cloak of secrecy that encases the prison system, discouraging reporting of rape and encouraging further abuse of victims. Pat Nolan, vice president of Prison Fellowship, points out that in a culture that does not welcome transparency, rules providing no outside enforcement simply continue policies of secrecy and cover-up.

“The prisons have been monitoring themselves; now we peek what’s happening,” Nolan was quoted in the article as saying. “We need those outside eyes checking on what they’re doing and holding them accountable for stopping this.” Costs of such safeguards as electronic surveillance fail to factor in moneys spent on settling true claims as rapes near to light. A unique claim in Michigan, for example, was settled at $100 million.

“We poor $75 billion on prisons,” Nolan said. “Even by the Attorney General’s inflated estimate, it would be (a piece) of one percent of that amount (to implement surveillance standards) .”

Conservatives Belly Up to the Bar:

Conservative icon, Grover Norquist, joins the likes of Pat Nolan, Newt Gingrich and William Bennett in calling for a astronomical sweeping change in the entire criminal justice system. They have labeled their efforts the Smart-on-Crime Project. According to journalist Ed Brayton, they call for reforms in forensic science, titanic jury, mandatory sentencing and forfeiture and for an increase in spending on DNA testing and on compensation for the wrongly convicted.

Coupled with increased transparency, the interjection of hope, racial equality and fairer sentencing into the criminal justice system may well do great to slit the incidents of sexual violence.

There is a nagging suspicion, however, about taking seriously the Smart-on-Crime project. Conservatives now advocating for prison reform include the very ones who a generation ago were promoting the tough-on-crime agenda that got us where we are today as by far the world’s biggest incarcerator.

Nevertheless, if Evangelicals, George Soros, the ACLU and the Church of Scientology are finding well-liked ground in how we are treating the least among us, there is perhaps room for hope that other social ills can be addressed outside the tyranny of theocracy.